Media & PR is not a shelter or rescue organization and we are not able to take critters. We are a voice in the world with a pretty darn big reach. My rescue cat Brian is our SpokesCat and between Twitter, Facebook and his blog we reach thousands and thousands on a regular basis. We can only give voice to those in need and with your help we can be successful. We can’t help them all, but we are dedicated to giving it our all.

Now then, let me introduce myself, my name is Terry Frum and this is my wonderful tabby cat Brian. We are dedicated to helping other critters find just the right forever home. We were quite fortunate to have rescued Brian and we have rescued six sisters for him as well.

Everything that is posted here is send out to Twitter and Facebook by Brian. You can follow Brian on Twitter at @Brian106sc and on Facebook at brian.frum. Brian also has his personal blog which you can find at Brian’s Home.  Of course we’re on Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram as well.

Topical and pre-approved sponsored posts are available at a cost of $20 which includes one (1) content link.  Additional content links are $10 each.

f you would like to have a critter listed on our site, please use the contact form. If you

Remember, pet owners buy all kind of things, not just pet products!

We will gladly discuss how we can help you meet your goals with::
  • Customized product reviews
  • Giveaways (we prefer no geographical restrictions)
  • Brand ambassadorships or sponsorships
  • Book reviews (allow 21 days for completion)
  • Advertising opportunities
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10 years ago

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9 years ago

You guys are so amazing! We appreciate the expertise, time and energy you put in fur the critters that don’t has homes!
God Bless you both!

Colehaus Cats
8 years ago

Thank you for the time and effort you put into! This place is awesome and if it’s okay with you, we’d like to include your link on our cat blog at

It’s not much but we’d like to help get your very important word out. Thanks again!

The crew at Colehaus Cats.

Katie Isabella
Katie Isabella
8 years ago

You and Brian are our heros. Really.

8 years ago

Nice to see the Clovis, CA shelter get some press. Considering the initial donor and the City land it is on, they sure are moving slow with the construction. The piece of land sits out east of our town on what was to be a wildlife park/refuge area. There was a small ponding area for migrating ducks, secluded brush areas and some walking paths. Sure hope they get going on this project. I’d love to volunteer there!

Connie Marie
Connie Marie
6 years ago

This is a wonderful blog Terry. I only knew about it because of the mix up at the Petties, but I’m certainly voting for you everyday. I’ll also share needed homes. I hardly ever comment though.I do have this book marked, I think I accidentally sent you a message instead of sharing your post this morning. I’n a goof up, you’ll have to excuse me.