4 Essential Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

You don’t have to take your pet with you when you travel. There are plenty of boarding kennels that’ll look after your dog while you’re away. However, while this is an option you may be forced to sometimes exercise, they can be expensive, and, in any case, it’s not a chore to travel with your canine best friend. They can add to the adventure, plus they’re part of your family, so don’t leave them behind. You might need some help to ensure it’s a smooth traveling process, however. Below, we take a look at four essential tips.

Source: Pexels.com

Dog-Friendly Destinations

Now, you could take your dog with you when you visit Las Vegas or New York, but really, these aren’t the best destinations to be exploring with a dog in tow. Aside from keeping you from visiting the biggest attractions in those cities, it’s unlikely your dog will enjoy being around concrete walls and more cars than is really necessary. Instead, take your pet to destinations that they will inherently enjoy, such as any vacation connected with the outdoors. A dog is much easier to manage if they’re having a fun time!

Where to Stay

It’s true that you’re not going to have as many accommodation options available to you as you would if you were traveling without your pet, but you’d be surprised at how many options you have. More and more hotels are offering pet-friendly rooms. If they don’t explicitly mention their pet policy on their website, then it’ll be worthwhile calling up and asking directly. If you’re on a road trip and are camping along the way, then your pet can sleep right there in the tent with you. You’ll want to check that dogs are allowed, though – most campsites allow it, but some don’t.

During Transit

In many cases, it’s not the actual vacation part of the trip that’s the problem, but the traveling part. Dogs can, understandably, get nervous if they’re traveling at high speeds for long periods of time. Unless there’s no other way around it, it’s not recommended that you take your dog on a flight. Stick to the car. Of course, you might find that are issues during transit. It’s recommended that you bring a couple of your pet’s favorite toys, and treats, too. It’ll also be worth looking at getting a belly band for dogs, too; you don’t want your pet to have any accidents while they’re in your car. Try to avoid for driving for extensive periods. A fifteen-minute break from the car will do your pooch a world of good.

Essential Research

You never know what’s going to happen when you’re traveling through unfamiliar terrain. This is as true for dogs as it is for humans! As such, you’ll want to conduct some research before you go to determine where you’ll take your dog should something bad happen while you’re traveling. It can take all of ten minutes to find a list of vet clinics on your travel route, but might just make a world of difference.