4 Ways To Make Your Dog Happy

Oh, dogs, is there anything better for our happiness? This is a creature which gives us all the love in the world, with no ulterior motive: they just want to give and receive love. They’ll accept you exactly as you are, which isn’t something you can say for the majority of humans! So if your dog is going to try and make you happy, then you may as well return the favor, and do your best to give them a happy life. And good news: this is relatively straightforward! Dogs are easily pleased. Incorporate some of our ideas into your puppy’s routine, and you’ll be making them as happy as can be.

Source: Pexels.com

A Long Adventure

You’ll already be taking your dog on two walks a day, and this is good, but it’s only a start. It’s the bare minimum that you should be doing with your pet! Every now and again, you’ll want to plan a bigger adventure, one that really allows your canine friend to stretch out and explore. We’re thinking a long, five-plus hour walk through a terrain they don’t usually have the opportunity to traverse. If your dog returns home completely tired out, you’ll know that you’ve done things correctly.

Looking Fresh

Your dog doesn’t care as much about his or her appearance as humans do, but they still care a little! In any case, looking their best usually means being thoroughly tidied up. If they’ve got hair hanging over their eyes, or their nails are too long, then they won’t feel as comfortable as they should. This is easily remedied, however, by making the most of an affordable dog grooming service. Plus, if we’re honest, this will make you a little happier too – you’ll be able to see their adorable little face in all its glory.

Being Free

Now, we know that you need to maintain your dominance over your pet. You must be the alpha in the pack! But once your role has been well cemented, there’ll be little harm in letting your pet play “in command” for once. So many dogs never get to go where they want when they’re on walkies, even though it looks really important to them. Imagine how frustrating it’d be if that happened to us all the time! So a sunny Sunday afternoon, why not let your dog take control for a little while, and direct the way? They don’t even need to be aware they are in control; just naturally walk the way they seem to be going. It’ll be fun for them, and good for you as it’ll mix up your walk.

New Goods

Your pet might seem pretty attached to the toys they have, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t appreciate something new to play with every now and again! The funny thing about this is that you can never know for sure which toy they’ll take to, and which they’ll leave in a corner. Best to buy a few and which ones they’re naturally drawn to.