Is Your Home Kitty Ready?

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So you’ve decided to acquire a feline friend? You might be heading to the local cattery to adopt a rescue kitten, you might be taking a young cat from a neighbor who has just had a litter or you might have located a stray that’s taken a shine to you. However you come to find a new moggy in your humble abode, you need to make sure that you are ready to commit to owning a pet. This won’t just be a four-legged lodger – this creature will be your new friend, a well-loved family member, a loyal confidante and play buddy. As you are welcoming this new feline into your pad, you need to make sure that you and your home are prepared for your new pal.

Your home may be your palace; you may have a clean minimalist look, designer sofas, tons of natural light flooding your palatial living areas and be proud of your interior design prowess. Now that you are bringing a cat home, you need to ensure that your home is conducive to their safety, happiness and well being.


Before you head off to pick up your kitty, you need to ensure that you have the essential accessories that every feline needs. At the bare minimum, you need to have cat food (both wet and dry), kitty bowls, a litter tray and a scratching post or two. If you go without these, then you could be in for a world of hurt when you head downstairs one morning to see your sofa torn to shreds and your Scandinavian mid-century rattan chair nothing more than a pile of scraps on the floor. You may even want to install a cat flap if you don’t already have one. Cats are animals, and they have needs. Scratching to sharpen their hunting claws is one of them.


As your kitten learns to get used to his or her new surroundings you need to spend plenty of time with them. Get out the ball of string, whip open the catnip and get on your hands and knees to play with your little furball. Kittens are incredibly playful and need a lot of stimulation. They will crave your attention and love nothing more than getting to know you by climbing all over you, sitting on your laptop as your trying to complete some work at home and finding themselves in the most hilarious of spots around the house.

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You may not realize it, but there are many dangers at home for pets including our moggy friends. While you may consider your kitchen to be a safe haven, it is the food left out on worktops that can prove fatal. Milk and cheese may be appealing to your hungry little pal, but the lactose can give them a very poorly tummy leading to dehydration, vomiting, and lethargy. It’s important that you go around every room of your house checking for potential hazards that could endanger your four-legged companion.


When you welcome a new kitten or cat into the home, they need to take some time to familiarize themselves with their surroundings. Don’t whip open the kitty carrier and expect them to head straight to the sofa for a snooze. They may hide. For ages. AGES. It may be hours or even days before they show their face again. However, over time they will become more confident, learn the smells of their new forever home and enjoy finding ridiculous spots in which to chill out. You might find your cat in the laundry basket, on top of the wardrobe or in the bathtub.

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If you enjoy a good party, you may have to put off that family barbecue and that large dinner party you had planned for a little while. New cats need time to get to know the human occupants who live in the house with them. They may become scared and nervous if they hear loud music, booming new voices or heavy footsteps in their humble abode. Try and play your music a little quieter for a while, spend some time with the TV a little lower and spend as much time with your new furry mate as possible.

Welcoming a new pet into the home can be daunting. You may not realize how much you will come to adore this animal which you are giving a warm and loving home to. For their sake and to be a responsible pet owner, it’s vital that you make sure you and your home is kitty ready.