Five Dog Conditions You Can Treat at Home

We all worry about our dogs, just like about our kids from time to time. They all have a special way of telling us that something is wrong. If you notice a change in your four-legged friend’s behavior and spot the signs of minor illnesses, you might want to try some home remedies and treatments before you call your vet surgery. Below you will find five conditions you can try and treat at home before contacting a professional.

1. Fleas

Image via Flickr

Itchy skin is a telltale sign of fleas, and you will need to deal with the issue, especially if you let your dog sleep in your bed or on your sofa. There are plenty of great quality flea tablets and repellents you can use, and you will also find remedies for dog flea bites, so you can ease their discomfort. It is not easy to spot the fleas with the naked eye, but it is worth giving your dog the treatment every few months, especially if you enjoy walking in the woods.

2. Worms

Diarrhea and vomiting can signal bad digestion, but more often than not it is caused by ringworms. It is recommended that you use home worming tablets every couple of months. If you see that your dog’s bowel movements change, and you spot small items in their stool after giving them the tablet, you can be sure that the tablets did the trick.

3. Hairballs

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Dogs with long hair often suffer from hairballs. While brushing and grooming them regularly can prevent some of the problems, sometimes – especially when the warm weather is on the way – your dog will shed more hair than they can control. It is important that you help your dog cure their condition and get rid of the hairballs naturally. Surgery is the last resort. Give them pumpkin or petroleum jelly to soften the hairballs and free up the stomach passages.

4. Indigestion

Dogs often suffer from indigestion, when they eat something they are not supposed to have. If you spot bad breath and lethargy, you should try some home remedies. You can find home remedies for bad dog breath as well as for indigestion, to deal with the cause. Chamomile tea cooled down and mixed with their water can reduce inflammation and pain at the same time.

5. Flatulence

Smelly dogs are not that much fun. If you find that your dog has increased flatulence, you can try a natural treatment, such as fennel. Sprinkle some powder on your dog’s food, and you will see an improvement in the gas department in just a few days. If your dog is not too keen on this spice, you can also try seaweed or other green vegetables. Tangerine and cinnamon essential oils can also work.

Dogs try to tell you when they are unwell. As a responsible owner, you should try and help them overcome the condition, before you would get a medical treatment or book a vet’s appointment. Use these natural remedies to treat minor conditions and help your dog get back to normal.