Why Are My Dog’s Eyes Red And Sore Looking?

Are you concerned that something might be wrong with your dog’s eyes? Maybe they’re a little red and sensitive looking? Perhaps there seem to be constant tear tracks that you can’t explain or a presence of or “eye boogers” sticking around the eyes. Many dog owners worry about these signs, but when is it something to really be concerned with and when can it be explained away as something completely harmless?

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It could be nothing wrong

First of all, let’s acknowledge the fact that sometimes it can be absolutely nothing wrong with your dog. You may already be aware, like most dog owners, that different breeds can have a wide spread of different physical properties. Some breeds have weepy eyes compared to other dogs. This can also manifest in eye boogers hanging onto or getting stuck in their fur. Boxers, pugs, and Boston terriers are amongst the breeds that tend to have it the “worst”. While it may not lead to major health risks, these are a sign of blocked tear ducts that can cause irritation and you may elect to help with surgery or simply by washing around their eyes with a wet, warm paper towel or special wipes your vet can recommend. If your dog is looking significantly more weepy than usual, it might be a cause for concern.


Can dogs get pink eye? Conjunctivitis is unfortunately rather common amongst our furry friends and it’s only one of the bacterial and viral diseases that can cause those eyes to get red, weepy, and irritated looking. Besides redness, some of the signs of an infection include blood under the cornea, smaller pupils, squinting or swollen eyes. If your dog is scratching constantly around the eye or seems to be acting sensitive to light, that’s another cause for concern. If your weepy eyed dog has a white mucus or yellow, pus-like discharge, that’s when you should get to the vet as soon as you can.


Dogs will hurt their own eyes from time to time. Sometimes, they scratch their cornea if fleas are an issue and they’re simply trying to get rid of the itch. They may also simply injure their eye accidentally by bumping into something or by getting in a tussle with a cat. Sometimes, it can be as simple as dust getting trapped in the eye, scratching the cornea. Many of the symptoms of a corneal injury are the same symptoms of an infection. An eye stain procedure at the vets is usually all it takes to show evidence of a scratch, after which they can be treated with analgesics and antibiotics. In most cases, these scratches heal on their own but if they are deeper or go untreated, they can require surgery.

If you are truly concerned about your dog’s health, then you can get yourself peace of mind or help to quickly diagnose and solve an issue by taking them to their vet. It’s better to know than to worry, after all. In the case it is an infectious disease, the sooner you catch it, the better for your pup.