Puppy Kissing Booth raises money for Women’s Resource Center in


WINONA, Minn. (KTTC) –
People in Winona experienced the joy that is cuddling with a puppy on Thursday, and it was all for a great cause.

A “Puppy Kissing Booth” brought people to the Gazebo on the Winona State Campus to support the Women’s Resource Center of Winona. The WRC provides assistance to survivors of domestic violence, including legal help, healthcare, and housing.

The group also provides education about these topics to local schools.

The university’s FORGE and RE Initiative clubs were the ones hosting the Puppy Kissing Booth.

“Last year FORGE did it, and they’re the feminist group on campus. And this year RE Initiative, which is the organization that I work for, which we do a lot of gender-based violence prevention and intervention work,” said RE Initiative Peer Advocate Samantha Wogensen. “And then we decided to incorporate the puppies ’cause who doesn’t love dogs? Like that’s the greatest thing.”

A cuddle session cost $1. The clubs were also handing out Hershey’s kisses with healthy relationship facts on them.


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