7 Reasons Why Adopting An Older Dog Is A Great Idea


When looking to adopt a dog, people tend to gravitate towards puppies. It’s understandable – they’re little and cute and full of energy. But are you overlooking the perfect dog for you? Older dogs – ‘older’ meaning anything from four years upwards – are often disregarded simply because they’re not puppies anymore, and they spend their lives in kennels and shelters without ever finding their forever home. Older dogs are great around children as they are less likely to bite them by accident, and fantastic companions for the elderly – they’re as old as each other. There are so many reasons as to why an older dog might be a great option for your family.

1| They’re so grateful

A lot of the time, these older pooches are in shelters because they have been abandoned or mistreated. They found love at the shelter, but nothing compares to the love of a family. Older dogs are so grateful for being adopted and love you from the moment they see you. Check out these videos on Youtube.com and see for yourself.

2| They need no training

You might want to touch up some training aspects, but these guys are already house trained, and most know how to sit and stay, and who needs much more than that? The hardest part with older dogs is trust; having been abandoned one, this dogs might have some separation anxiety, but over time they will come to realize that you’re not going anywhere.

3| No shots

All puppies need a round of shots before they can go out and about in the world, but older dogs have already received all their initial medical treatments. And if anything comes up medical wise, you can get insurance to cover any costs. Look at petinsurance.co for advice on insuring an older dog.

4| You’re saving a life

And it’s true. Unfortunately, because of the high amount of new rescues shelters receive every day, old dogs or the infirm are put on the ‘put down’ list. By adopting them, you are literally saving their lives.

5| They’re calmer

A puppy needs a lot of attention and wants to play every minute of their waking day, and that goes for any breed you get. If that’s not what you are looking for in your canine buddy. An older dog is perfect. These guys know the benefit of lie-ins and long naps. They are also less excitable when it comes to visitors, and it’s easier to get their barking under control than it is with a puppy.

6| No household destruction

Because they are older, they have their grown-up teeth, so there’s no will to chew up everything and anything while they’re teething. Most puppies only destroy furniture because of this reason, not out of boredom.

7| No accidents

Again, because they are older, you aren’t going to have little puppy accidents around the house. They are house trained and a ready package for you to take home.