Adopt Don’t Shop: How To Prepare To Bring a Rescue Cat Home


Being prepared needs to be your mantra whenever you bring a new pet into the home. But this is never more true than when you bring a new cat into your home, especially a cat that has been rescued or adopted. You are taking them into completely new surroundings, and cats can be sensitive to change, especially if they have had a tough life until now. So how should you best be prepared for bringing a new cat into your home?



Before you bring your cat home, you need to understand a little bit about them. They are territorial, so in a new environment, it can leave them feeling somewhat uneasy. New people, new places, and lots to explore. So to start off with, giving them a space of their own can be really helpful. If they know that this section on a room is for them, with a bed, scratch post, a and litter box, it help to get them used to their new surroundings. When they feel up to it, they will venture elsewhere in the home. Keep their space comfortable and make sure there is room for you to play in there too. You’ll need to spend time with your cat to make them feel comfortable and at home.

Having a place for them to eat and drink is of paramount importance too, especially to a rescued cat. They may have been suffering before now, so knowing that they will always have food and drink can be very helpful and reassuring to them. It is a good idea to set this away from their litter box, though. It can become unhygienic otherwise. Many rescued cats might not be used to a litter box either, so that can be a good idea to learn how to best use it to help them and get them used to it. Look for a litter box explained article online and it should help you know what to do, as well as how to clean it. You want to create as lovely an environment as possible for your new pet.

Another thing to do before you bring your cat home is to look at your home from a cat’s point of view. Are there things on countertops that could easily be knocked off by your cat or that could fall off your cat? Some plants and flowers can be hazardous to cats, so that should be looked at too. Think about how comfortable things might be for your cat, and if there will be space for them to play.

If you have other family members in the home, then going over some ground rules can be a good idea before you bring the cat home. Sudden loud noises or startling the cat can’t be good, especially for a rescue pet. So setting some rules can make the transition easier for everyone. You want the pet to enjoy being there and they more they do, the quicker they will settle in.

Have you ever adopted a pet before? It would be fun to hear about your experiences.