Pooches & Your Purse Strings: The Cost Of Raising A Dog

Pooches & Your Purse Strings: The Cost Of Raising A Dog


Do you have a good idea of how much your dog really costs? It’s something a lot of potential pet owners think about, but they will drastically underestimate how much a dog costs, so even for yourself as a seasoned pet owner, it’s still important to realize the financial impact on yourself when it comes to looking after your pets. Of course, we want to give the best things to our dog, and we should not put a price on our pet’s happiness, but also it’s important to realize how much of an investment a pet is.

The Big Costs…

Today for even purchasing a pet, the biggest cost is the animal itself. Now, these are estimated costs for the Midwest, and if you live in a city area, you may want to double the cost, but these are the general costs for a dog of average weight that lives to be 14 years old. The cost of the animal itself is a maximum of $1000 for a typical breed, and the other costs that will take a big chunk out of your annual salary will be the food, which can average around $500 over the space of a year, totaling $7000 over 14 years. So that’s already $8000 to buy and feed the dog over 14 years.

The Medium Costs…

Vet fees are generally not too bad, but add them up over time, and they will be a big part of your outgoings for your pet. Vet fees for jabs can cost around $150 initially, and then around $60 for a booster every year that could save your pet’s life, so for 14 years, this rounds up to $1000. Pet insurance can vary in cost, and you can look at places like petinsurance.review for more detailed information, but with an average cost of around the $20 per month, this equates to $240 a year, and $3,360 for 14 years. When you first get your dog, there will be plenty of toys and equipment you will need to buy, and thankfully they aren’t going to need replacing every year, but the initial cost can be upwards of $300. Take ⅔ off for replacing items like chew toys, and these add up to $1400 for 14 years.

The Small Costs…

Microchipping a dog is approximately $15 now, and it’s now a compulsory part of the process for new pets, and fortunately, it’s a one-off fee. The same applies to neutering the animal, which can be upwards of $250 for a one-off cost.

So, as you can see, these costs are the essentials, not surplus costs! You need to think that there will always be additional costs that you never even thought about. So it’s always best to have a buffer of around $700 every year. You need to think about the numbers when buying a pet, and it can be a bit overwhelming, but there are plenty of online calculators like on youcandealwithit.com, which can give you some help in balancing your books. The cost of owning a pet is important to think about, so you can really prepare to look after your pet and give them the love and care they deserve.

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Ruth Cox
3 years ago

These are definitely things we dog lovers must think about! I must also say that whatever the cost of raising my dogs, it has always been a small price to pay for the joyous love and companionship that comes along with it… especially with dog adoption scenarios.

Linda Smith
3 years ago

A dog if you want a healthy, happy, dog is not cheap. If one develops illness, costs go up especially when treatment is long term, if not for life. My rescues cost me a fortune, but I don’t regret one penny I spent on them.