Weathering The Storm

weathering the storm

The erratic weather of recent months has left many of us are considering how we would stay safe during a disaster. Hurricane Irma has destroyed everything in its wake and left hundreds homeless. While it’s now been declassified to a tropical storm, it still poses majors risks to areas it crosses. Not to mention that the devastation has left us wondering what could come next.

When you have a pet, those fears become even more pronounced. Not only do you have to worry about implications to your health, but also to your pet’s. We’ve looked in the past at how to save your pet’s life in a natural disaster, which is information every pet owner needs to read. But, today we’re going to look at how to keep them calm for the duration. Even when there’s no direct risk, your pet is likely to become frightened. By following these pointers, you can keep their fear to a minimum.

weathering the storm

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Gather Their favorite things

The moment you become aware of a natural disaster’s approach, collect your pet’s favorite things. You should collect their favorite toys, as well as a supply of foods they love. If things get bad, you can use these as distractions. Toys which make noise are particularly useful here. You can activate the sound to cover up what’s happening outside. This is particularly useful during thunderstorms. It stops dogs from being able to hear what’s going on and so calms them straight away.

Food can also work wonders as a distraction, but only once your pet has calmed down. If they’re terrified, food may not be a priority for them. Wait until you’ve calmed them a little, then seal the deal with a bowl of their favorite stuff.

Confine them to keep them calm

This point may seem alarming, but it’s worth doing in extreme cases. Often, pets will crawl into confined spaces in an attempt to keep safe. But, there are a few downsides to this. For one, they could hurt themselves, or have something fall on them during the storm. For another, you won’t be able to comfort them when they’re hiding.

Often, the best way around the issue is to find a way to confine your pet for the duration. You could make your dog feel safe and comfortable with these pet carriers, or buy a cage in which to place your cat temporarily. This will provide them with the enclosed space they need. And, it will allow you to rest easy that nothing can fall on them. Make sure, though, that you release them the moment the storm passes.

Stay with them

It’s also crucial that you stay with your pet throughout the storm. It’s worth talking to them throughout and stroking them to keep them calm. Never underestimate the comfort of having you nearby. You may even find that being there for your pet like this acts as a way of calming yourself. Sticking together is the best way through terrible situations like these.