Save The Shoes, Adopt A Senior Dog For Your Aging Relative!

Save The Shoes, Adopt A Senior Dog For Your Aging Relative!


Everyone has a relative who is getting old on their own. Whether they are divorced, widowed, or they never married, getting old alone is never fun. This can be especially difficult if they’ve already retired: Days are long and dull when you are on your own. This is exactly why you should help them to bring some excitement and joy in their life. How about suggesting adopting an old dog? It doesn’t matter if they’ve never had a dog before!  Old dogs are the ideal companions for people who have no experience of dog ownership. Save the shoes

No puppy training required

Old dogs, contrary to puppy, have been previously trained to live in a house. As a result, your relative will not need to dog-proof their home to protect everything from young and excitable teeth! Another great advantage of an old dog is that you get a dog that is already clean. In short, no poo accident to clean! However, old dogs do have some requirements. Some might find it difficult to climb stairs, and they may not be comfortable sleeping outdoors. Additionally, they require nutrition that is suited for their age and their health – you can have a look at the best senior dog food 2017 to get an indication of the brands and options available. Finally, old dogs might need some medication: Just like an old person, they do need additional health support for their bones, eyes, etc. But it’s something that you’ll find out with the rescue center.

You can save its life

Believe it or not, but adopting an old dog can save its life. As shelters get easily overcrowded, old dogs are often the last to be adopted – most people prefer puppies. As a result, unfortunately, old dogs are the first to be euthanized if they aren’t adopted quickly enough. But old dogs can save you too. Eric was overweight when he adopted an old dog, Peety. He thought of himself as a dying man, struggling with weight and diabetes and wanting a dog that would understand him. Having Peety encouraged him to exercise and eat healthily. Today Eric knows that without Peety, he wouldn’t have been able to change.

Save an old dog’s life

Old dog does not mean problem dog

Most people assume that old dogs in shelters are problematic dogs with a poor temper. In fact, there are many reasons why people can’t keep their dogs. From financial difficulties to a new baby, many things can happen in someone’s life. Remember Sylvester Stallone had to sell his dog because he was broke before filming Rocky. However, the story ends happily, because, after the success of Rocky, Stallone bought back his dog – who was also his film co-star! There’s nothing like a happy end, and that’s exactly what adopting an old dog is about.

Rocky Balboa

In a word, old dogs are great companions for people who are not used to deal with dogs. They’re easy-going and perfectly home-trained, for a start. More importantly, when you adopt an old dog, it’s not only your life that you improve, but it’s theirs too. Loving an old dog is the best way to bring your old relative back to the bright side of life. And you can be sure that they’ll rapidly grow their social circle with the help of their new furry friend!