Top Reasons Why Pets Are Great Workout Partners

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Including your dog in your workout routine can be a huge health benefit for the both of you. Overweight, sedentary animals, like people, suffer a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases and other ailments which can shorten and reduce their quality of life. Increasing exercise and eating healthily will improve both of your conditions.

Here are some of the top reasons why pets are great workout partners.


Your dog makes a great workout partner because he is always ready and eager to go for a walk and to get some exercise. Health guidelines recommend walking for 30-minutes at least five times a week, and with a dog for motivation, this target is easy to exceed. Dogs need to get out to relieve themselves at least twice a day, rain or shine.


Dogs naturally walk at a pace of about 15 to 17 minutes per mile. That’s a brisk walking pace for humans, and arguably the faster you walk, the better it is for you. Hence, dogs are your best workout buddy because they can help you to keep up a good pace. Equally, your dog won’t mind a slower pace to start off and will be able to keep up with you as fast as you want to go.


Once you have established a regular exercise routine, you can be sure your dog is not going to let you skip a session. For your furry friend, it’s never too late for a workout. How could you let him down? If you’re already an exercise junkie, don’t feel like you have to sacrifice your fitness equipment – getting out for a walk with your dog will set you on track for the day, and perhaps serve as a warm up for your usual routine.

Alarm call

No need to set the alarm. Once programmed, your dog will be happy to wake you on time every day, and dogs don’t have snooze buttons!


Both you and your dog will benefit from the mental and emotional stimulation encountered from exercising. Dogs are a great way to meet and interact with other people, which isan important factor in overall health.


People look at the dog, not at you, so if you are not happy with your current physical appearance, don’t worry as people even won’t notice you. At least not until all this exercise gets you looking too good to miss!


Having a happy, bouncy, wagging dog beside you turns a jog from a boring yet healthy necessity into a fun and joyful experience.


Dogs and humans burn energy at almost the same rate when walking or running, and that look of pure admiration and love which your dog gives you as together you build up a good sweat and pant is your best reward. Your dog is your biggest fan.


Just observing the joy that your dog gets from a good run and his constant, unfailing enthusiasm and willingness to get out and experience the pleasure of simple movement and exercise is sure to inspire you to do the same. His enthusiasm is contagious.


Exercising together will strengthen your connection with your dog. One of his benefits of being a workout partner will be this special bond, as well as improved health.

Always ready to go

Unlike humans, your dog makes a good exercise partner because he is always ready to go. He doesn’t need to put on special clothes or have the latest trainers and nor do you. Get out and walk just as you are, no excuses.


Weight loss research figures show that people who set fitness goals including their dog are more likely to complete their walking routine, and dog owners are twice as likely to achieve and maintain a healthy level of exercise than people without a pet. An Australian study also discovered that children in a dog-owning family were twice as likely to be physically active to those without a furry friend.