Most Common Puppy Problems (And How To Fix Them)

Puppy Problems

When you’re a new puppy owner, there’s plenty of fun to be had. Puppies are cute, invigorating, and have an endless appetite for adventure and excitement.

However, owning a puppy is not without its problems. The endeavor will always be worth it, but there’s no doubt that most puppy owners will have to learn how to leap a few hurdles along the way. No puppy magically knows how they should go about fitting into your life, how you expect them to behave in their new home, or what the rights and wrongs of their behavior are – so it might be a tough learning curve for both of you.

To get started with your puppy owner education, let’s look at the most common complaints and discuss the solutions to them.

PROBLEM: Puppy Has Existing Health Problems

When you (ideally) adopt or buy a new puppy, you can find yourself inheriting health issues. That’s all part and parcel of dog ownership, though it can make you feel like you’re rushing to catch up. In the case of adopted animals, you might struggle as the basics of care have been neglected; so they may have fleas, bad breath and teeth problems, or skin issues. Even more confusingly, in the case of neglected pups, you might find yourself firefighting as you struggle to deal with many issues at the same time.

SOLUTION: Focus On One Issue At A Time

Which issue is the most pressing? Focus on getting that dealt with, opting for the simplest option for treatment in the initial phases. For example, a good flea comb is a wise investment, dental treats for dogs can help remedy teeth issues, and most skin problems can be eradicated with a good shampoo and then regular grooming. Get your pup as healthy as possible for the moment, then if the basic treatments don’t work, you can seek veterinary advice for more long-term solutions.

PROBLEM: Puppy Is Keeping You Up At Night

It’s a well-known issue for many new dog owners. They try to settle down to sleep, but as soon as they close their eyes, the soft whines of a confused pooch begin. It can go on for hours, even if you open up your bed and let the pup join you for a snuggle.

SOLUTION: Establish A Bedtime Routine

Handling this is similar to the Ferber method that’s used for babies. You have to let your puppy learn to handle this for themselves, unless you plan for them to continue it for the rest of their lives. From the very first night, decide what is and isn’t okay (for example, are they allowed in your bed?) and then stick to it rigidly. It might be tough initially but, over time, it will be better for the dog in the long run – they respond well to having limits.

PROBLEM: Puppy Is Chewing Everything In Sight

It’s not fun to lose a pair of shoes or even your furniture to a gnawing puppy, but it is important to recognize this is a natural instinct for them. They’re not doing it to annoy you, so please don’t ever feel a puppy should be punished for chewing.

SOLUTION: Redirect

Offer toys, treats, bones – anything that will focus their chewing intent on something designed for the purpose. If they have a range of options available that are fun to chew on, then they will almost certainly opt for those instead of your possessions.