Man’s Best Friend: How To Turn Your Dog Into Your BFF

man's best friend

Everyone says that dogs are man’s best friend (although should we extend that to ‘woman’s best friend’ too? I think so) – but how close are you to your dog really? Sometimes when we get a pet we have all sorts of grand ambitions about how much time we’ll spend with our new pup and how well trained they’re going to be, but it doesn’t always work out that way. If you’d like to turn your dog into your real best pal, here are some tips to help.

Get Training

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One of the best ways to get closer to anyone is to work on a project together – and a great way to get closer to your dog is to start training him or her. Obedience classes are a great idea for any dog. Not only will they learn how to behave better, but you’ll also learn how to be a better dog owner and how to train them in your own time. As another plus, your dog will also meet other pups, meaning that they’ll be socialized with other dogs which in turn will mean that they won’t start barking crazily whenever you see another dog when you’re out on your morning walk. But training doesn’t have to just be at obedience classes – in your own time, why not start teaching tricks to your dog? They’ll love the challenge of learning how to sit, roll over, and beg.

Find Local Dog Friendly Areas

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A good way to hang out with your dog more often is to look out for local dog friendly places that you can take them. Over the summer there will be plenty of local cafes that allow dogs onto their terraces and even provide bowls of water for thirsty pups, so make sure you look out for them. You should also start to frequent your local dog park. Not only will it be great fun for your dog, but you’ll also get to meet and befriend other dog owners.

Spend Time Together

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It’s important that you actually spend time with your dog. When you’re home together, hang out in the same room, and when possible, take your dog with you when you’re running errands – if you have a motorcycle you could even invest in a motorcycle dog carrier harness so you can bring your pup wherever you go! Simply spending time together will demonstrate to your dog that you’re the number one person in their life.

Focus Your Attention On Your Dog

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Finally, when you’re spending time with your dog, remember that you should pay attention to them. After all, if you were out for dinner with a friend, you wouldn’t spend the whole time texting, right? If you’re playing with your dog, don’t have one eye on the TV or on the phone – dedicate some quality time to throwing that ball or teaching your dog how to play dead. The number one thing to remember about owning a dog is that however much love you give your dog, you’ll get it back tenfold. You’ll be absolutely rewarded for all the hard work and time you put into your pet.