Looking After A Pet: What The Professionals Want You To Know!

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We all know what’s best for our pets, don’t we? While we think we know our pets inside and out it cannot take the place of honest and professional advice. Just think, if we don’t always know what is good and healthy for us, how can we know if what we are doing is right for our pets? To save you pointless worry, here is what a vet wants you to know about looking after your pets.

Examine Them Regularly

As we all can get problems with our heart or bones, we need regular check-ups. The same applies to our pets. See your vet at least once a year to make sure that your pet is active and healthy. You also need to know the latest in vaccinations, parasites, dental exams, and regular health screenings for your pet. For those that are going down the vet route and training to work with animals, it is part and parcel of when you open your own vet clinic to have extensive and up to date knowledge. Knowing about your pet is one thing, but needing to know about how often they need their jabs is another.

Make Sure They Maintain A Healthy Weight

In the US, there are many cats and dogs that are obese! And just like us, obesity is linked to health problems like arthritis, diabetes, and even cancer! If you feed your pets too much, you are contributing to this. Pets need to be thin to add years to their lives, and this just means cutting back on the calories. Pets need fewer calories than we think! A small and inactive dog needs 185 to 370 calories a day, and a 10-pound cat needs just 240 to 350 per day. Lifestyle has a lot to play in this and making sure that they are stimulated enough.

Make Their Environment Enriching

Stimulation will help to keep the pounds down but will also make their lives much healthier. The usual things, like regular walks, scratching posts, toys, and even a great view are things to help improve their environment. Much like we need mental stimulation, our pets need it too. Not only does it prove beneficial for them, but it will strengthen the bond we have with our own pets. Even things like talking to pets or even reading to them are ways to increase the benefits of how we relate to our animals. Improving the environment and making sure that they don’t get bored is a key way to develop their minds as well as their muscles.

Keep Them Safe In A Moving Vehicle

You buckle up when you drive, don’t you? So should your pet. As well as the pets being a distraction to the driver if left without proper restraint, they can be at real risk of harm if an accident happens. Pets should never travel in the front seat as they are at real risk of death if the airbag deploys, and do not let dogs ride with their head out of the window. They run the risk of being thrown from the car in the event of an accident.