Knowing Your Dog, Knowing You

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Dogs are incredibly emotional sensitive and attentive animals. Not only will they recognise things about you, but they’ll also try to tell you things about themselves too. Research has shown that dogs do try and communicate with their owners in a variety of ways and if you want a deeper understanding of your pet, you just need to recognise the signs. So, here are some of the messages dogs might try to tell you as well as how they interact to your moods and feelings.

Dogs Hate Shouting

It doesn’t matter whether it’s directed at them or someone else in the home, dogs don’t like confrontations, yelling or arguments. If a dog is yelled at their tail will drop between their legs, and they might lie down to protect their stomach. They might also adopt a submissive stance rolling on their back, essentially surrendering to their owners will. Dogs do this in the hope that it will allow them to avoid punishment. You might think it looks cute but a dog is trying to save itself from a smack on the nose or being put outside.

Even if the dog is not being shouted at he might lie down or curl up in a ball when close to an argument. Again, this is to protect itself from any danger that they might be sensing.

Dogs Know When You’re Sad

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding why dogs love to lick humans. Some people think it’s about the fact that we taste good and that’s definitely a possibility. A dog’s taste buds are heightened so they can taste the salt on your skin. But there’s another reason too and that’s affection. You see this with dogs and other animals in the wild. Parents lick pups, brothers and sisters lick one another and they might even greet a dog with a lick of the snout.

If you’re sad you might even find that your dog comes over and licks you or just lies by your side. When they do this, they are providing comfort to a member of their pack in the only way they know how.

Dogs Tell You When They Don’t Like Food

Dogs will usually eat anything and everything so when they look at their food bowl in disdain you know something’s not right. You might think your dog is just being picky and that could be the case particularly if you’ve been feeding him your food. But, it’s also possible that he knows the food is having a certain effect. He might link it with a skin irritation or even feeling sick. So, if you’re wondering how to choose the best food for your dog, looking at his behaviour is always a good place to start.

It’s also possible that a change in the environment is stopping your dog from eating. As already explained, dogs have heightened senses and can smell, taste or see things in their bowl that we can’t.

Dogs Listen

Finally, research has shown that dogs do listen, though perhaps not in the way that pet owners think. Pet owners often feel as though dogs understand more than the typical keyword like ‘food’ or ‘walk’ and this might be true. However, while it’s possible that they might understand more words in the conversation they probably will only react if it’s something related to them. Interestingly though, research has also show that dogs understand language in a similar way to humans, relating tone and words to form meaning.

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