Treating Your Pooch Like A Prince

Do you know what’s true? The fact that you and your family deserve a warm and loving home that fulfills all your needs and creates a perfect foundation for your family to achieve what they want in life. A place of comfort and safety, and a place where you can be happy or sad without the fear of judgment

Your dog deserves this too! Well, they can’t let you know as they aren’t that good at speaking English, but they deserve a loving home as well! You can really go above and beyond with your dog, and if they bring joy to your life – they deserve to be treated well. They deserve that anyway, but there is nothing wrong with going the extra mile.


It’s not hard to turn your home into a dog-friendly palace. There is no need at all for a complete renovation in the name of your pooch either! Just think about the space it needs in the house. Start with the sleeping area? Is it sealed off with a crate or is it open? Is it just a few blankets or is it an actual bed? Whatever the situation, we have the time and ability on our hands to outfit our dog’s bedding area to make it a great rest stop for a dog. A luxury dog bed is a great option for your dog. Make sure the hound has plenty of space to stretch out in and that the bed isn’t by a draught as this will freeze the poor thing.

Let’s talk about feeding now – don’t just feed your dog scraps from the table – they may love them, but most of our food is simply too much for a dog to handle. It can be too rich, too fatty or too salty and their digestive systems won’t be able to handle it well at all. That being said, don’t just resort to feeding them cheap slop either – Mix and match and if they aren’t enjoying their food, get it changed. Dogs can be fussy sometimes, but you’ll know when they actually don’t want the food you’re feeding to them. It goes without saying, but make sure your dog has a full water bowl at all times, especially when it is getting hot.

The best and simplest way to treat your pooch like a prince is to shower the animal with all the attention you can muster. A good brushing will keep their fur looking good and some dogs simply like to sit there and let it happen. Tummy rubs are always on the table as well! Walking and playing with your dog is worth its weight in gold as not only will it keep the dog healthy, but your dog will have an unimaginable amount of fun while doing these two things. Good care is usually an afterthought.


It is so easy to treat your dog well, so don’t hesitate in helping your canine pal enjoy life!