MOST URGENT: #Greenville #SC Romeo Kitty Needs a #Rescue #Adoption #Foster Now


I am crying….. Romeo is FIV and FeLeuk positive.  Carolyn recommends him to be euthansized. I am going this morning to be with him.  He was such a love.


Here is a most urgent plea from my rescue pal Jenna:

I will update this post with photos as soon as they are available.  Please start the sharing.  We need a miracle.

From Jenna:

Here I am again with yet another kitty that I so desparately need in short amout of time to find a home. I know the chances are extraordinary slim but I am hedging on a miracle and they do happen.

I have someone who is going to get better pictures than what I have currently from one of the girls that took them today at the Cat Clinic.

I got a call two days ago from a relative of someone I did some rescue for some time ago.  Seems the couple died Thursday and have left their animals. They have dogs and cats.  I contacted a fellow I know from the City of Greer Animal Control and asked him to come and take the kitties.  But he told me it cost $50.00 dollars per cat for him to pick up any feline and take it to the Greenville County Animal Care and Greer does not have that kind of money and therefore he cannot pick up any more cats.

To owner surrender it has to be an owner and then you need to make an appointment and come in and let them assess the animal for its adoptability.  In this case that was not going to happen.  But as luck was on my side the animal control office talked them into a one day chance for me to bring in some.  I took two that were very old and sick to put humanely put to sleep.  The other two I took there and they accepted them.

Then there is Romeo.  He fits his name to a tee.  I have known him in this place for a year or so ,a gorgeous siamese, huge fellow and mellow as a kitty comes.  He was owned by a person who lived in a trailer and he use to cross busy highway 101 every day to come to this couple house because they were retired and use to sit outside a lot and pet him, which he loves.  I went to the hispanic house today and they sight I saw of how she is treating her dog with no house, food or water what so ever made me realize I could not have him there anymore, plus she did not want him anyway.

So on my way again to the shelter with him I just could not do it as he is soooooooooooooooo special this fellow.  When my husband and I put up a fence for this couple for their dog he was helping rubbing on everyone and just hanging out being mellow.  He gets along great with everybody and everything , pit bulls, other dogs, yappy chihuahuas, other cats everything and loves children and people.

So heading there I decided to see if the Cat Clinic would board him over the weekend to give me a chance.  I have to have him out by Monday and I would have to take him to the shelter as they gave me until Monday to bring him in or else they will not accept him after that.  He has just touched my heart so because he has lived a bad life in a lousy neighborhood struggling to find a real home and he is just so darn loveable.  I did not name him Romeo, that is what everyone who knows him calls him a lover.

Foster, adopt, I am praying for anything.

Thank you,

Let me know if you can help please.

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4 years ago

This is indeed a very sad ending to the story. There are so many of them! We are thankful that there are some happier ones.

Savannah's Paw Tracks
4 years ago

I am heartbroken for Jenna and sweet Romeo.

4 years ago

Very sad, and my heart breaks for Jenna as she has put everything into saving these animals. Hugs to a special lady.

Katie Kat and Katie Kitty Too

Praying for Jenna and sweet Romeo, love endures through the heatbreak. Had to let go a sweetie earlier this year – never easy – yet love overcomes because our precious babies will be waiting for us in Heaven. They are our ministers, teaching us the power of faith and the strength of enduring hearts.

Katie isabella
Katie isabella
4 years ago

I am so sad and heart broken for Jenna and that dear baby Romeo. How sad and just heart wrenching.