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Courageous Momma Kat #mommakatssearch

HIYA! SAVANNAH HERE!!—My Sunday Selfie Mystery Guest revealed.

Momma Kat had five kittens to care for and feed and yet she herself had not been out to find food for days. She took a chance, stashed her kittens in protective shrubs and quickly left to find something to eat. It was almost night.

Not a good day for Momma Kat, the food was across the street, a very busy street.

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The car hit her on the head and she was tossed to the side of the street, likely left for dead as no one bothered to stop and check on her. The only good thing to come out of this was that she wasn’t left in the middle of the street where other cars would keep hitting her.

She pulled herself up from the curb and started her painful journey home to her five kittens. She must have been in such pain as her head and jaw took the impact.

Momma Kat could not make it all the way back to her kittens. She finally dropped to the cement and closed her eyes. The humans living in the house found her in their driveway and called the county municipal animal services to report a severely injured cat, she was shivering and clearly still bleeding. Thankfully Officer John, from Contra Cost Animal Services (CCAS), arrived soon and he quickly did a visual review of her injured body. Officer John saw that Momma Kat was lactating, her nipples fully engorged. SHE HAD BABIES!!

Officer John made sure Momma Kat was stable and then went on a fast search of the yard. There, in the shrubs, where Momma Kat had secured her kittens, he found all five of them—only two to three weeks old. Officer John transported the little family and off they went to our county shelter’s medical staff for care.


Come on kids, drink up

Come on kids, drink up

Momma kat was assessed as having a broken jaw, heavily congested and she was administered antibiotics and pain meds until full assessment the next morning. She and her kittens were reunited and she immediately took them under her paws and drew them toward her to nurse. Momma Kat was on duty.

The next day, Momma Kat was assessed to have mandibular fractures. This injury was beyond what the medical staff could easily deal. And yet, she had five kittens to nurse and care for and raise to be happy adoptable kittens.

Her fractured jaw

Her fractured jaw

Momma Kat still had injuries that were causing difficulty for her to eat for her own strength. But, she never wavered in caring for and feeding her kittens.

Fortunately for Momma Kat and her kittens, Bright Haven contacted the county shelter to ask if they needed help with a Mom Kat and babies with at least one member in the furramily with special needs, as they had a foster open!!

Momma Kat and her five kittens were transported to a Bright Haven sanctioned vet, Dr Chahal from Ace Animal Hospital in Fremont, California, where Momma Kat underwent surgery. Once again, she immediately returned to caring of her kittens once she was fully recovered from the anesthetic. She had three wires holding her fractured mandible together.

Momma Kat and her five kittens had a loving foster home waiting just for them. Foster Dad Devin was ready and willing to take on this Momma Kat and all her kittens.


Where's my kitten milk??!!

Where’s my kitten milk??!!

And of course, Momma Kat made sure she and her kittens had everything needed to help her brood thrive—food, water, kitten milk and a suite of their very own.

If kitten milk mustaches give you a giggle, then the next video is a MUST! Giggle away!!

And as “Mini-Me”, Momma Kat’s kitten who is a tuxedo just like her, shows us. No kitten can ever have too many toys.

Recently Momma Kat went into surgery to remove two of the wires; the third remains, both for stability and because it would have caused too much trauma to remove it. And as usual, once she was fully out of the anesthetic, she chirped and mewed until all her kittens came close to once again nurse. Momma Kat is a proud cat mom.

Through it all Momma Kat has remained devoted to the kittens. Momma Kat is a courageous and loving mom, and now she desperately needs our support.

It is time for Momma Kat and all the kittens to be spayed and neutered in two weeks. The kittens AND MOMMA KAT will be ready for adoption in three weeks.

The kittens will have a tough time as all but one are completely black. Even if we all know black cats ROCK, the public isn’t always so welcoming of that color fur. And Momma Kat is a two year old adult, her challenge to reach out so that her future family can find her is now my challenge. And, I hope that all of you who read this will agree that Courageous Momma Kat DESERVES THE BEST HOME EVER! Forever safe from speeding cars, always loved herself with plenty of good healthy food and well, just everything she deserves.

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Please tell us what her story meant to you, and which photo or video is your favorite and why. And if you have never heard of Bright Haven, then visiting their website is a must. A truly inspirational animal rescue,sanctuary and hospice for senior animals and those with medical concerns or who need hospice care in their remaining days.



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Savannah's Paw Tracks
4 years ago

APAWS APAWS FOR SHARING BRIAN AND MR TERRY. #mommakatssearch Momma Kat needs a ton of help as she is a two year old adult cat waiting for a home where she can give all her love. purrs and paw pats, Savannah