Feline Investigation: The Making of a Feline Express™ Driver #Returntofield

Hello everyone.  Here is a wonderful post about #ReturnToField from our friends over at SavannahsPawTracks.com.

Hello All! Mom Linda Here!

If I give you 5 seconds to cite 2 things you know about the Return To Field (RTF) program, what would you say? Could you answer me?

How about if I give you that same 5 seconds to cite the difference between Trap, Neuter Return (TNR) and RTF, could you do that? What is the difference?

Now if you have been following Savannah’s Paw Tracks for 2016, then you might know at least one response to each. Savannah wrote about RTF for her January 2016 Be The Change 4 Animals post.

I have been holding off telling her about what I have chosen for our next Paw It Forward Project.

This is worrisome—we need a chat
See the rest of this wonderful Story at SavannahsPawTracks.com

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4 years ago

TYSVM for this. A lifelong cat lover and frequent cat rescuer, I have known about TNR for years, but never heard the term “RTF”. Thank you for educating me on an excellent program. Sharing to social media, with hope.