South Carolina ranked #12 in cat-friendliness for renters – how does you State rate?

This is shared from our friends at   Last month they shared their Dog-Friendliness Index and now they just published their Cat-Friendliness Index. Nationwide, only 40% of apartments allow cats, but there is significant variation across cities and states.


Here’s some things we found so far:

South Carolina ranked #12 in cat-friendliness, with 51% of apartments allowing cats

Cities in the Houston and Dallas metros did particularly well, with the Woodlands claiming the top spot overall – 100% of apartments we surveyed in the Woodlands allow cats!

Cities in New York and Florida appear to be particularly unwelcoming to our feline friends – Miami (15%), New York (14%), and the Bronx (10%) were near the bottom of our list.

The best states for renters with cats are South Dakota and Minnesota; worst are Hawaii, New York, and West Virginia.

You can access the full data at this link. They also have data on which cities and states have the highest concentration of pet owners, and they will release that soon.

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5 years ago

A dear friend of mine worked tirelessly to change laws to help cats and their caregivers in rental property here in the L.A. Metro area. We need federal law reflecting the fact that our beloved cats are family and making it illegal for landlords/management corporations to deny access to housing because our family members are feline. They can’t deny rentals to people with kids, who can kick places to pieces, dirty up places, and cause noise pollution; so they should certainly not be allowed to deny rentals to quiet, clean cats!