Owner Died: 11 Cats Need New Loving Laps – Winston-Salem, NC

This was passed on from our friend Laura in NC and it was posted on a Siamese Cat Rescue Message Board.  Please feel free to share:

“I am reaching out with the hopes that my fellow volunteers will know someone who loves non-meezer geezers and fat cats!

My sister and I are in search of loving laps for 11 cats whose human died. She devoted her life to taking in strays, spaying and neutering entire litters with her own money. Her only wish was to find homes for her babies. They range in age from 5 to 15, from lap cats to scared cats – they all need some TLC from true rescuers! Tabbies, calico, tuxedos, black & whites. We’ve found homes or sanctuaries for 3, still need 11! All will be up to date on vaccines and have a vet exam before adoption. Their vet records are available – we are working with their life-long vet to get them in the best shape we can. Some of them need extensive socialization – at one time, the human/cat ratio was 1:15.

We’ve gotten sound rejections from local rescues because of their ages, and the family absolutely cannot help, so it’s truly a 3-woman operation trying to keep these cats out of the shelter, where we know they won’t have a chance. Farmer’s Almanac is calling for a cold winter – surely someone needs a 15 pound lap cat to keep you warm??

Christy in Winston-Salem
Email: Christyvance19 (at) earthlink (dot) net


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Melissa Powers
Melissa Powers
5 years ago

I’m wondering if this is the home near Stonewood development & Bolton park? My mother in law lives over there and we’d heard the woman that lived on the corner had passed away. It breaks our hearts to see all the cats waiting for her outside her home. We’re pretty maxed out though. She has 2 dogs & 5 cats. I have 3 cats. We’d like to help anyway we can. I have children at home. I would possibly consider taking one of the tamer females.

5 years ago

Sharing to social media, with *PRAYERS* and hope for these excellent cats!