Abandoned 15 Year Old Sweet Kitty Needs a New Place to Call Home – Contra Costa County, CA

Excerpts from Savannah’s Paw Tracks Blog with permission:


“This precious 15 year old female cat was abandoned by her guardians because they moved to Hawaii and taking her with them was difficult. So they called CC4C asking them to find her a new home. As she is likely now hyperthyroid, it is unlikely that this sweet Senior Female Cat will ever find a new home. She was always an only cat and adored all the attention. She simply is not able at her age to adjust to her foster Mom’s other cat…and so what will be her fate? One little pill, twice a day…and living as a loving only cat…will anyone ever step up to take her?

Likely not…there are so many available healthy kittens…who will want her?

If you are one of my followers, please spread the word that a 15 year old lovely lady is in desperate need of a forever home. And yes, she will need two pills a day…AM and PM…and she is easy to medicate. How can anyone abandon a cat, or any companion animal, who has given them 15+ years of their life and love…*shakes head*…I am so very thankful I have my permanent home…but am dismayed that this sweet lady does not.”

Here is further information from Linda’s Facebook post:

Now we are mounting a social media campaign to help this sweet senior lady cat find her permanent home for her final years. Penny is a sweet, human loving cat. She arrived at the Community Concern for Cats (CC4C) weekly clinic because she has been eating but seems to be losing weight. As with many senior cats, Penny is indeed hyperthyroid. She will require medication AM and PM feeding times…but she is an easy cat to medicate. She has been on her meds for just a few days and already her current caregiver can see improvement. (YAY!! PENNY!!)

She is about 11-14 years old, who at this time of life, needs a new caregiver. Her people gave her up to move to Hawaii and were afraid the trip would be too much for her. Penny has been with a kind woman who was hoping to find a buddy for her elderly cat but Penny is a true people cat; not caring to be around other cats. She is not aggressive toward them, simply removes herself when another cat is around.

Once again, Penny must find another person to care for her in her senior years. We know she’d prefer to be the queen of her castle, but at this stage of life and in her circumstances, she can’t be too choosy about whether another cat lives in the household. She’ll manage.

CC4C will help get her vetted so that her medication is slowly adjusted to the necessary level. ADDITIONALLY: her guardians who left her behind donated to CC4C enough to allow them to offer her permanent retirement home a sort of “vet care” insurance coverage…within reason naturally. But her hyperthyroid meds and routine check ups etc. will definitely be taken care of by CC4C.

Are there any big hearts out there who have room for a cat who will love you unconditionally? I sure do hope so…please use the contact information below if you or someone you know has a huge missing place where Penny belongs!

CC4C Contact: Gemma, gemmaos@sbcglobal.net


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5 years ago

Sharing to social media, with love and *PRAYERS* for this young lady; my feline family ranges in age from 10-21, so this little Penny isn’t old at all to us!