Fantastic Tips For A Better Relationship With Your Dog


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Relationships are a wonderful thing. There is something special about the bond that two people can share and the love that connection harbours. Relationships don’t just occur among humans, though. Lots of people feel the same way about their pets as they do about their friends and their family. Take a dog, for example, which is man’s best friend. However, just as the relationships grow, they can also fall apart. To make sure this never happens to you, follow these simple tips for a better relationship with your dog.

1. Train Your Dog

In the beginning, it might seem like you are harsh, but, in the long run, the relationship between you and your dog will prosper. Well-trained dogs are allowed greater freedom to do what they want because you trust them a lot more. For example, you are more likely to let them explore without your control because they will come back if and when you call. Or they can sit at the dinner table at meal times because they won’t try and eat the food!

2. Bond

It isn’t rocket science; if you spend more time with your dog your relationship will grow. The trick is to spend time enjoying each other’s company and sharing experiences that you both enjoy. When both of you spend time together, and you enjoy it, your relationship gets stronger. Bonding can take the form of dressing your dog up in the latest dog fashion which matches your outfit, or just laying on the sofa watching TV. You can even go for a long walk.

3. Play

Dogs are mischievous, and they love to play. To a dog, playing is their form of stress release and letting loose, and they love to share that experience with their owner. Just like parents with their children, studies have shown that owners who play with their dog have a stronger bond.  The main reason is the positive reinforcement that comes indirectly from play.

4. Be Calm

Some dogs take a lot of training, and there are many different ways to do it. A lot of dog owners like to go down the Pavlovian conditioning route, but this can have a negative effect on the way your dog views you because it can involve striking your dog. When you lose your cool, so does your dog so keep calm and try and maintain a happy, loving environment.

5. Physical Contact

Physical contact is a form of love. Just think about all the loved up couples you see kissing and cuddling and the love it exudes. Okay, you don’t have to kiss your dog, but touching and patting it will show it how much you love you have for them.

6. Good Food

Dogs are just like people; the way to their heart is through their stomach! If you prepare healthy, tasty food your dog will appreciate it.

Dogs are loving animals who just want love, so show them how much you care and they will reciprocate it ten told.