Senior Cat Dame Maggie Smith Needs Retirement Home NOW – Oakland, CA

Help this sweetie
Photos from Cat Town


Dame Maggie Smith, a 20 YEAR OLD lady, needs a new place URGENTLY. Surrendered to OAS back in October, Cat Town has taken her under its wing—a shelter is no place for a senior statespuss. Her current housing situation is a bit traumatic for her (several other pets, of whom she does not approve) so we need to find a new quiet and lovely place for her to reside—at least temporarily.

Her current foster reports, “She has no problems with using the litterbox and generally seems happy and comfortable, although she moves slowly and may have arthritis, she’s still able to jump up onto the couch or a bed. She even still likes to play with a toy on occasion! She is not on any medication and her only requirements are being fed as much as she wants and a warm place to sleep.”

She requires an abode she can preside over alone (no other pets or small children)—she is a “dame” after all. Contact to offer Dame Smith your service. She is free to adopt and her vet care will be paid for by Cat Town for the remainder of her life.

And if you aren’t in a position to offer her a home, please share!

Contact Cat Town if you can help.