Barney Seeks His Forever Home – Lakewood, CO

Reposted with permission from Fur Everywhere

Photo from Fur Everywhere, used with permission


It’s hard for me to believe that this sweet, lovable, handsome mancat has been in the shelter for two years. Barney is one of the greatest kitties you’ll ever meet! He is affectionate; he loves to be near people and enjoys being petted. He’s not a big fan of being held, but he’ll come right over and sit near you wherever you are.

Barney likes to talk. Every time I go into Meow Mart, I say, “Where’s my Barney?” and he promptly says, “Raaaow” without missing a beat. Then I’ll sit on the floor and he’ll come right over and lay by me and purr while I pet and talk with him.

Barney hasn’t been feeling well lately, but usually he really loves to play with his Neko fly!  It is so fun to watch him bat at and try to chomp it; you can tell he’s having a blast!  He also likes to hang out on his lion bed, in his cushy kitty house, and on soft blankets.

He is a very sweet senior cat with a lot of love to give.  Barney is a special needs kitty and needs to be the only kitty in your home.  He wants a lot of attention and is a little afraid of being abandoned.  As a senior kitty, Barney is part of Cat Care’s Perpet-U-Care program, which will pay for a portion of his veterinary care for the rest of his life.

Barney is a wonderful kitty, and as sad as I’ll be when he leaves the shelter, I want him to have a loving forever home where he can spend his golden years getting all the love and attention and spoiling he deserves!  Will you please help me find Barney a home by sharing him with your family and friends?  I’d very much appreciate it!

Barney is at Cat Care Society, located in Lakewood, Colorado.  For more information on Barney, you can call the shelter at: 303-239-9680.



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Fur Everywhere
5 years ago

Thank you so much for posting about sweet Barney!