The Nail Sheath Incident featuring Caster the Cat

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The Nail Sheath Incident featuring Caster the Cat… the story that led
to a $206.30 vet visit and the discovery of a third eye lid.

Photo from and Kitty Cat Chronicles
Photo from and Kitty Cat Chronicles

Tell us more about your first meeting with Caster. What was the progression from him being distressed in the woods to those first initial days as one of your gang?

KCC: It was a rainy Saturday morning, and my husband and I hadn’t gotten out of bed yet when we were woken up by the sounds of a crying cat. The cat sounded like it was seriously distressed, so I got out of bed, threw my coat on, and headed out into the rain in search of the cat. I was nervous about what I was going to find – maybe an injured or mangled cat that had been attacked by an animal. I followed the sounds of the cry around the back of our apartment building and into the woods behind it. I was only a few steps into the woods when I saw the cat. We made eye contact at the same time, his eyes grew wide with relief, and he ran towards me and jumped into my arms. It was like a moment straight out of a movie. I was stunned for a second, but I put my arms around him and carried the wet and muddy cat back to our apartment. He wasn’t hurt at all – just scared, lost, and cold.

We had to keep him in the bathroom at first, as we didn’t know if he was safe to be around our other cats. As soon as the nearby vet office opened that morning, we gave them a call and brought the cat in to get scanned for a microchip and to get FIV/FeLV tested. The vet estimated that he was about a year old and healthy, and thankfully he tested negative for FIV and FeLV so it was safe to introduce him to the rest of the gang when we got home.

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