Interesting Health Links Between Cats and Humans

We are a lot closer to our cats than you may think. In the field of medicine, there are several links between our little furry friends and us. Read on for interesting information on medical related connections between cats and human beings.

Cats and humans are susceptible to some of the same diseases

Cats make loyal and lovable companions for us humans. However, recent scientific developments believe that they may be more than just faithful friends. Domestic cats are now thought to hold important indications in their genes for treatments for human and feline diseases.

Cats and humans are both susceptible to several of the same diseases including diabetes, kidney disease, asthma and the feline form of AIDS. However, up until now the cat has been largely ignored by the field of genetic research. Past studies have concentrated on canines due to their susceptibility to certain cancers. But scientists are now turning their attention to sequencing feline genomes due to the clear disease link between the animal and humans.

Scientists at the University of Missouri are leading the groundbreaking project that will determine the genetic profiles of 99 domestic cats. The project is called 99 Lives, and it hopes to result in data that can be used to create new medicines to treat illnesses in both humans and cats. The study also aims to reveal an advanced insight into the origins of these animals and how they have adapted over time from wild to domesticated.


Image from Adam Hodgson

Some diseases can be transmitted between cats and humans

Not only are humans and cats susceptible to developing some of the same illnesses, but certain health problems can transfer from cats to humans, for example, worms.

Thankfully, the risk of transmission and infection is very low, as is the number of problems that can be transferred. But if you are a cat owner, it is important to be a responsible one to ensure your pet is healthy. This will involve preventing common feline illnesses through appropriate medication. You may wish to look at for available products. You should also practice good hygiene yourself. Additionally, you should take your cat to the vet for regular check-ups and whenever you suspect a problem.

Cats can be medically beneficial to humans

Many people believe that cats provide healing powers to people suffering from physical and mental illness. Studies have shown that patients who are given a cat companion have experienced less stress and lower blood pressure, as a result.

This evidence has been so persuasive that cats are now trained to be “therapy cats”. Therapy cats are trained to help ailing humans by providing a relaxation and healing effect. Therapy cats have been used as companions for stroke victims, elderly people and for children with developmental disabilities.

As you can tell, the bond between you and your moggy is more complex than an emotional one. We are very excited to follow the progress of the 99 Lives project to find out what other amazing links exist between us and our little furry friends.



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5 years ago

Many cat lovers know the emotional, physical and even mental benefits living with cats bring to us. Thank you for sharing this and I hope your readers will find it educational and interesting enough to share with those who may not know the unique and powerful ways cats bring health and joy to our lives.
I am always wary of any type of “research” and hope and pray that the 99 lives project is not involved in any way with anything negative regarding cats.