Tips For Settling In Your Rescue Cat

It’s almost time to welcome your adopted cat to his or her new home with you. I’m sure you are feeling very excited about now. However, take a moment to pause and consider how you are going to settle your feline friend into their new surroundings. Cats, no matter what their background happens to be, are apprehensive and often very frightened when they enter an unfamiliar environment. On top of that, your adopted cat may have gone through a lot before being taken in at the rescue center so they could be emotionally and even physically scarred. Follow these tips to ensure welcoming your cat into their new home is a positive experience.

Do your homework

If you’ve never owned a rescue cat before, seek out tips and advice on how you can provide excellent pet care to them. Additionally, try to find out as much as you can about your new cat’s background including previous owners, health issues, etc.

Get your cat kit in advance

It’s a good idea to have everything your new cat needs before he or she arrives. This will help them to feel at home quickly and will ensure they are not left hungry or without a toilet. Here are the basics you will need:

  • A cat carry case to transport your cat from the rescue center. You’ll also need this when you take your cat to the vet.
  • A litter tray, tray liners, litter, and scoop. (Even if your cat is an outdoor cat, it’s still wise to have an indoor litter tray available for the first few days at least and in case they are too timid to venture outside).
  • Medication for any illnesses they may suffer from. (You may wish to visit 365 Vet for this purpose).
  • Cat food. (Ask the rescue center what type of food your cat is being fed. If you wish to change the type of cat food, you must do this very gradually.)
  • Food and water bowls.
  • A comfortable bed positioned in a warm and safe area.
  • A variety of fun and safe cat toys.



 Register with a vet

Ask your family and friends for a recommendation or research reputable vets in your area. Register with your chosen vet and inform them that your cat is a rescue cat. Registering with a vet in advance means that if you experience any problems in the first few days of your cat’s arrival, you can easily contact them for advice. When registering, it is also a good idea to book an appointment to get a health check up and so that you can your cat can get to know your vet.

Do what you can to ensure a peaceful introduction

Attempt to collect your new cat at the weekend so that you can be around them when they are settling in. While they are investigating your home, speak to them in a soft tone to reassure them you are not a threat. Try to ensure there are no loud noises or large objects that could frighten them. Avoid handling your cat too much and give them the freedom to explore their new surroundings.