12 Days of Adoption Cheer with PetSmart Charities – Burt from Green Bay, WI

Nonprofit PetSmart Charities works with more than 3,000 local adoption partners to facilitate roughly 400,000 pet adoptions each year.

This year alone, more than 1,000 pet adopters shared their uplifting adoption stories with PetSmart Charities on its website. They have chosen the top 12 that warmed everyones hearts the most and compiled them into a “12 Days of Adoption Cheer”.

Day 12 – Burt from Green Bay, WI. Pet Parent: Koty Slough

When Burt was surrendered by an adoptive family for the third time, once again for reasons out of his control, the outlook for the friendly feline started looking bleak. At nine-years-old, staff at his humane society knew that people often shy away from older pets that have had multiple homes. However, when Koty Slough walked through the door, Burt’s luck changed for the better. Although Koty originally came in looking for a dog to adopt, he decided to take his girlfriend’s advice and look at the available cats, too. Once Burt caught his eye, Koty knew he was the one. The two instantly clicked, and Koty wasn’t at all bothered by Burt’s age or that he had been returned to the shelter several times. Burt left with his new pet parent that day, and, after taking time to adjust to his new home, became Koty’s constant companion.

“Burt is the sweetest and most affectionate animal I have ever met,” he said. “He is amazing and I can promise this is his home from now on.”

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6 years ago

Good for you, Mr. Koty Slough! *Once you go CAT, you never go back!* You’ve adopted one of the most popular of all companion animals nationally and internationally — CATS! Now you’ll know what we cat lovers have always known: That CATS are man’s (and woman’s, and child’s) TRUE best friends!