HEY MIAMI – HIGH RISK: Please Rescue and Save Bella and her Sisters

Miami-Dade Animal Services
7401 NW 74 Street
Miami, FL 33166
phone# 305-884-1101


Reblogged from DashKitten.com

This is a tragedy in the making. Your urgent help is needed to find a home for Bella. her owner is in hospice care. From Urgent Cats Miami FB group >>>>>>>>>

“We were able to get an extension of a few days to get these cats into new homes or they are going to the shelter. Their owner is in hospice care and the cats have nowhere to go. The family doesn’t want to keep them and a lovely neighbor is trying to fulfill her promise to Bonnie (the kitties’ mom) that she will do everything in her power to get them loving homes. We got an extension of just a few days after we begged for more time, but Sunday is it… they are cleaning out the apartment! We must find placements NOW……

The mainly black kitty is Bella, F, 10 yrs old, healthy, quiet, just eats and sleeps. The grey/white and blk/white kitty are sisters, 4 yrs old, young, healthy, happy girls.

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5 years ago

Awww. Poor kitties. I’m glad that an extension was given to them! Hopefully some good homes will come through for these kitties.

5 years ago

Sharing to social media with special messages, as I am unable to help in any other way than that and by praying for them. Everyone reading this has a device and presumably a heart and soul: please do likewise.