12 Days of Adoption Cheer with PetSmart Charities – Susie, Boomer and Bo from New Bern, NC

Nonprofit PetSmart Charities works with more than 3,000 local adoption partners to facilitate roughly 400,000 pet adoptions each year.

This year alone, more than 1,000 pet adopters shared their uplifting adoption stories with PetSmart Charities on its website. They have chosen the top 12 that warmed everyones hearts the most and compiled them into a “12 Days of Adoption Cheer”.

Day 5- Susie, Boomer and Bo from New Bern, NC. Pet Parent:  Author, producer and screen writer Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook, The Longest Ride)


Nicholas Sparks and his family currently have three adopted dogs at home – Susie, Boomer and Bo – who were all adopted from local shelters. Each of them has a unique story and certain personality quirks about them that make them so special to Nicholas and his family. Susie is a shih tzu mix who snorts, snores and even purrs like a cat. She is the definition of a low-maintenance dog and loves to take naps. Boomer, their golden retriever, had a pretty tough start in life. He was suffering from terrible heartworms at the shelter. When Nicholas and his family decided to adopt Boomer, they got his heartworms treated right away. Now, he has found his calling in the water – he loves to dive and take dips in the pool. Their third dog, Bo, a mixed breed, is a happy-go-lucky pup who lives life to the fullest and has really bonded Sparks’ kids.