12 Days of Adoption Cheer with PetSmart Charities – Roo from Atlanta, GA

Nonprofit PetSmart Charities works with more than 3,000 local adoption partners to facilitate roughly 400,000 pet adoptions each year.

This year alone, more than 1,000 pet adopters shared their uplifting adoption stories with PetSmart Charities on its website. They have chosen the top 12 that warmed everyones hearts the most and compiled them into a “12 Days of Adoption Cheer”.

Day 4- Roo from Atlanta, GA. Pet Parent: Kelli Duncan.

Although Kelli Duncan adopted Roo as a puppy from a PetSmart Charities adoption event, she will argue that it was actually Roo who rescued her. Born deaf, Kelli faced adversity her entire life. Her hearing got worse as she got older, and eventually Kelli qualified for cochlear implants. The implants changed Kelli’s life, but required many surgeries and a rough recovery – and Roo was by her side the entire time.

“It was like me and her against the world,” Kelli said.

Thanks to Roo’s unconditional love and comfort, Kelli recovered from the surgery with a better ability to hear and was able to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a firefighter. After 12 weeks of training, Kellie was accepted to be a firefighter nearly eight years ago. To this day, she knows she has Roo to thank. For Kelli, adopting Roo wasn’t just a chance to save a pet’s life; it was a chance to save her own life, as well.