12 Days of Adoption Cheer with PetSmart Charities – Jasper from Jacksonville, FL

Nonprofit PetSmart Charities works with more than 3,000 local adoption partners to facilitate roughly 400,000 pet adoptions each year.

This year alone, more than 1,000 pet adopters shared their uplifting adoption stories with PetSmart Charities on its website. They have chosen the top 12 that warmed everyones hearts the most and compiled them into a “12 Days of Adoption Cheer”.

Day 3- Jasper from Jacksonville, FL. Pet Parent: Linda Tipton.

From the dozens of children he’s met as a Reading Education Assistance Dog and to his own pet parent, Linda Tipton, there’s not a person who encounters Jasper that doesn’t instantly fall in love with his energetic personality and his innate ability to listen. But what makes Jasper even more special is his ability to overcome adversity. As a puppy, Jasper and his siblings were found abandoned in a shed when a local animal welfare group rescued them. When Linda set eyes on him at an adoption event, her heart immediately melted.

“He was very little, and I felt like he needed a lot of love,” Linda said. “And he returned it.”

Now, Jasper spends his days helping struggling students gain confidence in their reading skills by listening to children read for 30 minutes each day. He and Linda could not be happier together.