CRITICAL: Only 2 Days (October 28th) to Save Henry and Ralph – Greenville, SC

This is super critical. Henry and Ralph were trapped as a part on a TNR project along with their Mother and two other kittens. The Mom and the other two kittens have been fostered.  Henry and Ralph are super sweet and deserve to live.

Tuesday they will be put back out, without their Mother.  The only source of food for them requires them to cross a busy highway.  They will not survive.

Please share and contact me at terry (at) foreverhomewanted (dot) com if you can help.


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Linda Szymoniak
Linda Szymoniak
6 years ago

Shared with my rescue friends. I adopted one of my Treeing Walker Coonhounds from the Greenville, SC shelter. Kyoko had been dumped, nothing but skin stretched across her bones. She’s not downright chubby! I do have a couple of rescue friends in that area. One does do mostly dog rescue and with the number of former hunting dogs there, I doubt she’d be in the position to help. Maybe she knows someone else, though.

Linda Szymoniak
Linda Szymoniak
6 years ago

Any updates?