How much are pet owners willing to spend on pet costumes?


Here are the findings of a recent Pet360 survey regarding Halloween costume trends for pets. Where are you in these numbers?

How many pets will be dressing up for Halloween this year?

The survey revealed that 42% of pet owners dress their pets up for Halloween.

How much do pet owners spend on Halloween costumes for their pets?

A vast majority of pet owners (71% to be exact) are not willing to spend more than $20 on their pet’s Halloween costume. 21% would be willing to spend $20-$34 and just 8% said they would spend $35 or more.

How do pet owners choose their pets’ costumes?

According to the survey, 71% of pet owners want their pets to look cute in their Halloween costumes. 15% want their pets to look funny. 12% said clever. And just 2% want their pets to look scary.

  • The desire for costumes that make pets look cute is definitely in line with the buying trends we’re seeing on Two of our best sellers this year include the Hello Kitty Cuff Set from Rubies and Animal Planet’s Lion Costume – both of which make our four-legged friends look especially cute.

Survey respondents were also asked to identify the single most important factor when choosing their pet’s costume. 59% said they decide based on their pet’s personality. 27% choose according to their pet’s looks. 10% decide based on their own personality, and 4% go with their favorite celebrity or fictional character.