Most Handsome and Sweet Willie Needs a Home Right Now – Greenville, SC

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Adopt WIllie

Time is running out for Willie, his foster humans have serious health concerns themselves and are not sure how long they can keep poor Willie. He’d be happy either as an only cat or with friends.

Willie is a special boy looking for a special forever home. He can only eat wet food. He can have dry cat food as no more than treats only, if he’s allowed to eat as much dry food as he wants, he gets terrible urinary tract infections (UTIs).  

Willie was born in February 2012, and abandoned at a caretaker’s home in February 2013 when he was about a year old. As if being abandoned and scared weren’t enough, he endured several emergency vet visits as his foster mom soon discovered that he loved dry food, but even a little bit of it made him not able to pee and get very sick very fast! For the past year and a half, Willie has lived in his caretaker’s garage. He’s been kept in a cage at night so his foster kitty room-mates can eat dry food. He’s a little shy but he’s starting to
warm up to new people more quickly. Poor

Willie is mainly just lonely for a family of his own! In the last six months or so, he’s become less sensitive to dry food and has been able to eat a few pieces of kibble a day as a treat. But he still must not be allowed free access to dry food! Perhaps he could eat prescription dry food for UTIs, under the supervision of a veterinarian.  Although, regular wet food, like he eats now,  is probably less expensive and just as good for him.

Willie is a very handsome boy, his orange markings are very dark reddish and turn into a dark brown on his tail.  He’s very sweet and gentle. He’s a little shy but has started to warm up to new people more quickly. Willie has also been getting along great with other kitties!

Do you have a little space in your home and heart for sweet Willie?  Please share, share, share this sweet boy.  Time is not on his side.  Contact me at brianfrum (at) gmail (dot) com if you can help.

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