Get Moar Done with doMoar, a To-Do List iPhone App for Pet Lovers Launches Sept 16th

What is doMOAR?  It is a to-do list app which is launching tomorrow,  Tuesday September 16th at 6 AM EST.   Better yet, this isn’t your normal to-do list app.  This app is made with pet lovers in mind.


doMOAR is a simple, yet powerful gesture-based app that makes it easy to take control of your to-do list:

  • Users of popular to-do list apps like any.DO and Clear will appreciate the host of new features that doMOAR introduces like the ability to assign colorful labels to lists and create outlines with just a tap.
  • What truly sets doMOAR apart is the motivation from cats and dogs reminding you to get MOAR done. The app comes with a meme-builder so that you can make your own memes and share them with the community.  Users can rate memes too, so that the most motivational pets become famous.

  • The app also comes with hundreds of memes pre-installed, featuring the designer’s  cats Stella & Darren as well as my family’s dog, Rambo. 

Managing your various lists and to-dos can be a chore, but doMOAR aims to make task management easy and fun, especially for pet lovers.   You can see more in the app store or on their website HERE.