Little Kitten Mischa Was Hit By a Car and Needs Help

The following is a portion of a plea from Cara who is trying to help her now new kitten Mischa.

See the rest on her page: HERE.


Dear animal lovers and friends, 

My name is Cara, and I arrived in Spain last Thursday for my grandmother’s funeral. Grandma passed away last week after living a long and happy life. On my way back to the hotel from the funeral, I found Mischa on the side of the road. She was very afraid at first, but after some minutes she warmed up to me and let me pet her. She was very thin and looked around wildly every time she saw someone approaching or heard a car coming. 

I couldn’t bring myself to let her there, so I took her to the vet, who confirmed that she was emaciated and dehydrated, and was approximately 4 months old. They did a full exam, took x-rays, gave her food and water and after a few more hours and tapeworms and fleas treatment, she was good to go! The vet also said it was probable she had either escaped or had been abandoned on the road by an abusive owner, and that it was a miracle she had let me touch her. I took the later as a sign of God to give me courage and strength. I always loved and helped animals, a passion I shared with Grandma, and I didn’t think it was a coincidence that I had found Mischa on that same day. 

See the rest on her page: HERE.

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Shiva and Jaya
6 years ago

Dearest adorable Mischa!

This is your elected Purrime Ministerettes of Planet Purrth. We serving all anipals except snakies.

We just hadded purrthday and shall has a pawty. This a big pawty wiz great white sharkie and tuna beer. We thinking you a little bit too young for alcohol. But no worries. There be salmon lemonade and mackerel juice as well. And you can even has a trout ice cream!

We hope you does good?