Baltimore Humane Society Memorial Park Holds Public Remembrance Ceremony – September 14th


On Sunday, September 14th at 11 a.m., the third annual Pet Memorial Sunday Ceremony will be held by the Baltimore Humane Society Memorial Park in observance of National Pet Memorial Day.  It is for anyone who has experienced the loss of a beloved pet.

When someone’s pet dies it can be just as difficult, and sometimes more difficult, than when a family member passes away.  That’s because to many pet owners, their pet is a family member.  It’s also not that unusual for someone’s dog or cat to be the closest family member of all.

But the life of a pet rarely gets acknowledged or remembered with a memorial service, making the grieving process that much more difficult for their owners.  That’s why Baltimore Humane Society is holding its annual pet memorial service for the public on Pet Memorial Sunday, the 2nd Sunday in September.

With flutes playing under a canopy of trees, speakers address grief and guilt at the entrance to Baltimore Humane Society Memorial Park.  There is even a flower ceremony with names of the attendees’ pets called out while owners place a flower in their memory.

Andrew Mazan, Nicodemus Memorial Park Director and certified bereavement counselor, will lead the ceremony.  “Grief Response to Pet Loss” will be addressed by Carol Williamson Jenkins, Bereavement Counselor from Stella Maris.  Dr. Mary Zink, Baltimore Humane Society Veterinary Medical Director, will speak on “Letting Go Without Guilt.”  An excerpt from a personal journal will also be read.  Dulaney High Flute Ensemble will play during the flower ceremony.

Portrait artist, Joanna Barnum, will also be creating quick pencil sketches of pets from their photos for a nominal fee that will be shared with Baltimore humane Society.

All members of the public are invited to attend the free ceremony on Sunday, September 14th at 11 a.m.  You do not need to have a pet buried at the Memorial Park to participate.   Pet Memorial Sunday ceremony is for anyone who may have experienced the loss of a beloved pet, no matter when the loss occurred.  Friends and family are also welcome.


Anyone attending is asked to bring a photo of their pet to put on display during the ceremony and a flower to place in their honor.  They are also being asked to RSVP with the name or names of pets they’d like read aloud at the ceremony.  RSVP to 410-833-8848 ext. 219 or

About the Baltimore Humane Society

The Baltimore Humane Society, founded in 1927 by Mrs. Elsie Seeger Barton, is an independent, non-profit, no-kill animal shelter, which offers low-cost veterinary care to the public, and a pet cemetery with grief support services.  We receive no operational funding from the local or federal governments, or any national animal welfare organizations.  For more information about BHS, and how you can contribute, volunteer, adopt, or foster, please visit or call 410-833-8848.