Please Help Handsome Sibe Cash Find His Forever Home

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Oh, Hi!!!

Cash insisted on sharing his story with you all by himself…please pull up a cushion, relax, grab a bone to chew or a nip mouse to nibble…

“Hi, my name is Cash, you know, after that famous singer Johnnie Cash…

…when my fur coat comes back I will not only be dressed in black, but will have enough white to show off my dark black coat. Oh, and did you notice? I have freckles on my snooter!



My Vet Doc thinks I am a Siberian Husky, but I don’t have any papers. I was found in August, 2014… attached by a short rusted chain to a post, in the North Carolina heat with no shelter or shade. The neighbors told my rescuer I often had no food or water either.

But, I have heart!

I am only about a year old, and even though my coat was so matted, sunburned and flea infested I had to be shaved…

photo 2 edit

…I still have a great heart and just adore all humans and other dogs as well.

I have been neutered, tested for heart worm (negative) and now treated for heart worm and fleas…all up to date on my vaccinations and ready to go…except I have no where to go.

My rescuer is from Los Angeles, CA… and he will be flying me back there in early September.

But here’s the problem…I can’t stay with him because he has 3 other rescue dogs he must find homes for…as he has just rescued them from living death on the street of Puerto Rico where he was working on a job.

So I am hoping one of you out there might let me come hang out with you for a month or so. My rescuer said he will take care of any vet care and food etc. if you can provide me a safe, loving foster home with a fully fenced yard from which I cannot escape.

We huskies are known as the “ultimate canine escape artists”. Of course, if any of you want to give me my permanent home, that would be even better. My rescuer has help with reviewing adoption applications to ensure my foster, or permanent, home will be safe, loving and with a fully fenced yard.

If you would like to know more about me or meet me, please contact my rescuer by email:

You may also download a lovely rescue flyer Savannah made just for me at this link:

I really appreciate any help you can give me. If you personally cannot foster or adopt me, would you mind copying this flyer and posting it at vet offices, no kill dog rescues or anywhere else you think of.

If you would share my search for my foster home OR EVEN BETTER…for my permanent home on Face Book, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest…anywhere you are willing, I will send you my softest ‘woos’ of gratitude. We Sibes don’t often bark, we speak in ‘woo’s and arwwwooo’s”. Play bows, Cash