TIME CRITICAL: Please help Lightning the Cat Battle Hepatic Lipidosis from Being Starved


Photo from YouCaring.com
Photo from YouCaring.com
August 5th
On August 1st, we received a call from the rescue coordinator at the Martinez shelter, Sue. She told us about a cat who had been adopted from their shelter on June 18th and who had just been returned.
When she was adopted on June 18th, Lightning was a healthy 12 pounds. She was returned on August 1st weighing 7 pounds, just bones under her fur, and jaundiced. The cat had been allowed to starve. She developed fatty liver disease, also known as hepatic lipidosis. She would need a feeding tube to survive. Could we help her?
Lightning is with our vet right now. Liver values were off the charts when she first arrived.  On an IV first and then the feeding tube was inserted. Our vet is optimistic. Lightning will pull through this.  (And she will stay in one of our foster homes until an adoptive home is found.  Not going back to the shelter, not going back to the person who let her starve, ever.)  But we’re going to need some help with the vet bill.

PLEASE read the rest of the updates and donate to save dear Lightning

Go to the fundraising page to help this sweetie: HERE.

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Harvey Button
6 years ago

Hell’s Bells Brian!! This is insane. Who let those morons adopt a cat. We will spread the word FAST!