Hey cat owners, take the Purina ONE 28 Day Challenge

Cat owners have the best of intentions when it comes to caring for their pets, but they don’t always have a solid understanding of what a healthy cat looks like. When surveyed:

-96% of cat owners say their cat is healthy, but nearly half (45%) also believe their cat is overweight

o   This disconnect could mean cat owners don’t know how to help their cats obtain and maintain an ideal weight

-76% also said that during a typical day, their cat spends less than half of its time being active

o   Many think this amount of activity is typical for cats, when really, a cat that is alert and active is a healthy cat

To help owners keep their cats feeling good, looking good and staying active, Purina ONE is educating cat owners with the 28 Day Challenge. This program encourages cat owners to take a closer look at their cat’s health (you might remember this from earlier in the year during the Cat Café). When you feed your cat a balanced, high-protein diet, your cat’s health changes positively in ways you can see in just 28 days.

What are you waiting for???   You can sign up for the Challenge here.