Let’s Stop Killing Animals in Hot Cars – You Can Actually Help #DrivenToBark

Here’s a great way to help stop this madness sent to us from our friends at Petplan Pet Insurance.

Even on a cool, 72 degree day, a car’s temperature can get up to 106 degrees within 30 minutes. Every year, without fail, innocent animals die in cars due to extreme temperatures.

Despite this, 70% of states don’t have a law that specifically prohibits leaving pets in cars. Petplan pet insurance believes this is a national issue and that animals need our voice and support.

That’s why we’re petitioning the Obama Administration to encourage all states to enact laws prohibiting animals from being left unattended in cars and exposed to dangerously hot or cold temperatures.

Let’s get our paws in the door of The White House and be the superheroes our pet’s deserve!

Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Be a voice for those who cannot speak — sign the petition
  • Spread awareness of this national issue–share this resource we’ve created on the dangers of leaving animals unattended in a confined vehicle on your blog, social media (#DrivenToBark) and even through old-fashioned word-of-mouth.

Will you help save our nation’s pets?