Help Tigger Cat Find the Home He Craves and So Deserves (California – Oregon Area)

This is a repost from Savannah’s Paw Tracks
Take a look at this most handsome Tigger, just full of love and ready to share with you!

How can you not fall immediately in love with this guy?  We all need to pull together to help  dear Tigger before it’s too late for him.  Our dear friend Savannah and her Mom are trying so hard and they would appreciate any sharing you can do.  We simply must find this guy the right home…soon.

Here is an excerpt from their recent post about Tigger…

Since being owner surrendered to the county kill shelter on June 29th…as of this week, August 13…Tigger is in his SIXTH foster situation…through NO FAULT of his own.

His situation is getting more and more frustrating for him and I am worried that he can easily fall into depression. What a guy Tigger is.  Just read the description Mom L wrote to help Contra Costa Humane Society learn more about him:

Tigger has never met a human lap he did not like. He is outgoing, greets strangers with aplomb and grace. He is a great feline host and makes sure he plays with anyone who will give him some time. Even at 10 years old he plays like a kitten. He enjoys being in the same room as a human; he also enjoys sleeping peacefully in bed, snuggled next to a warm human. He is easy to pick up, hug, cuddle and has absolutely no problem getting his claws trimmed by anyone. Peter held him easily and I clipped away. What a trooper!  He prefers kibble but will eat soft food especially if it is the shredded type. enjoys having his treats. He is outgoing, curious and very handsome.

Doesn’t that just make you want to grab him up and give him smoochies???  Which, of course, he would LOVE!!

Sadly, he is also a ten year old male cat who likely has never been around any other cat…thus he is fearful of other cats…and requires being in a foster with him as the only cat OR in a rescue shelter where he can be isolated from other cats, yet have ample interaction with the humans he so adores and loves.

Please go read the rest of the post HERE

Please, please share this boy and let’s help him find his happy.  Thanks!


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Bev Green
6 years ago

Still sharing this sweet boy as much as we can….hoping he finds a home soon …hugs Fozziemum xx