Help PetSmart Charities Discuss Cats at the SXSW Interactive Conference

It’s no surprise to anyone that the Internet loves cats – we you can’t go to Buzzfeed or even Facebook without seeing photos and videos of cats. But, during a time when cats are at their most popular, it’s a sad reality that this hasn’t translated into more adoptions.

PetSmart Charities is proposing a panel on this very topic – “CAT-astrophe: Good, Bad and Ugly of Internet Cats” – at this year’s SXSW Interactive conference. They’d like to gather the country’s leading “cat-alysts” to discuss new data and reasons why cats, despite their Internet popularity, don’t get the same respect as dogs.

We Need Your Help!

In order to have its panel accepted at SXSW, PetSmart Charities needs as many VOTES as it can get! Please go HERE and vote for its proposed panel now through Friday, September 5. You’ll need to create a free log-in and then choose the “thumbs up” option to cast your vote. Feel free to also leave a supportive comment if you wish!