Dogs Help Save Starving Horses – Guest Post by Rob “Robo” Hendrickson

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The animal healthcare business has long needed a shake up and animals around the world need saviors in the war against starvation, neglect and poor healthcare. We are at the forefront of that battle.

Big pharma has had an easy ride for way too long and we’re going to change all that. (Remember, we are the little engine that could.) They may own the media and distribution channels, but they do not own the dog owners.

Consumers are looking for better alternatives that are safe, healthy and make a difference. That’s why we exist.

As you are well aware, for every dose of product we sell, we give a dose to animals in need. Our dog products are used by veterinarians and dog owners to help keep their dog’s digestive system healthy which helps keep the rest of the dog healthy. Our giving program currently focuses on the working equids in third world countries.

These are donkeys and horses that are overworked and underfed. They suffer from malnourishment and poor or no healthcare. We chose the working equid because these animals are so important to entire families for survival. We found that if we can teach them how to care for their horses, they tend to care for their dogs better as well.

Plus we think it’s awesome that dogs here in the US can help save starving horses!!

What you may not be aware of is all the mechanics that go into making it work and most of all, keeping it sustainable.

Dr. Rob, Dr. Keith and myself have been working on the new details over the last 6 months and our giving program is about to expand beyond the poor communities of Central and South America.

As you know we struggle with providing relief without inflicting the problems of toxic charity upon those communities we serve. We do not believe in “giving” if it hurts a community.

We need to help build stronger economies and create foundations that people can take part in and be proud.

As you know, many communities do not have the economic foundation to support an animal clinic or consistent healthcare programs, which they so desperately need.

Recently, we have become aware that there are literally thousands of out-of-work veterinarians from these same communities that cannot find a job and cannot afford to start their own clinics.

Two desperate groups that can or could help each other out if given the right circumstance.

We decided to be that catalyst.

In the near future we will be evolving our giving program once again. We will be working with local communities and a couple of handpicked veterinarians to create low-cost, mobile services.

We will use the one-for-one program to help support the effort and build a model that is sustainable.

We are also bringing it home.

We launched the one-for-one program in poor communities in Mexico and Guatemala because the need is so great and the resources they have are so few. That still exists and we will continue that fight.

However, there is need here at home as well. Many rescue centers go out of business because of high feed costs. We will be helping with this.

The details are still in the works but as you know, when we put our mind to it, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

I’m telling you this because I know the daily grind of our work starts to seem mundane and you don’t always see the fruits of our labor. But, I want you to know there are families and their animals out there that feel relief because of the good you do. Last year we gave over 10 tons of nourishment to animals in need and it looks like we are not only going to reach our goal of doubling that, but we will be blowing it out of the water!

So, stay focused and know that you are truly making a difference!