Top Tips for Keeping Your Dog Healthy

It’s a dog’s life, or so they say. As a responsible dog owner, you undoubtedly want what is best for your dog and keeping your hound in tip-top condition is the top of your priorities. If you are looking at simple, and effective, ways of keeping your dog healthy all year round, then there are a number of things that you can do at home to ensure that your dog is the best that he can be.




Much like humans, dogs need a well-balanced diet in order to keep them fit and healthy. The importance of proper nutrition cannot be stressed enough. What is more, by ensuring that your dog has a healthy, balanced diet, you are ensuring that you are keeping your dog in premium condition. Your dogs diet can affect a number of things; their skin, fur and digestive system can all be affected if they are not fed properly. An improper diet can be combated easily. Ensure that you don’t give your furry friend ‘human treats’ such as chocolate, crisps or sweets. While it may be hard to say no to those big, puppy dog eyes, you are ensuring that they remain in good health by being firm with them. Only give your dog specialist dog treats, and even then, it is wise to limit these.

It is imperative that you purchase high quality dog food. It is important that your dog has a good mix of both wet (meat based food) and dry (such as biscuits) foods to ensure that their diet is balanced. You will also need to ensure that your dog has access to clean water. Do not limit your dog’s water intake, they need it to remain hydrated.  By making sure that your dog has a well balanced diet, you are ensuring that they live happy, healthy lives. You will see the benefits of a proper diet as their fur will shine.

Regular Grooming

Implementing a grooming regime is important for your dogs well being and health. Grooming is not just for dogs that are going to be put into shows, or for vanity purposes. Your dog will need a strict grooming regime to ensure that their fur is shiny and healthy. What is more, by implementing a grooming regime, you will be able to spot any issues that your dog may be suffering from in terms of fleas, ticks and mites. These will need to be treated with immediate effect to ensure that your dog doesn’t suffer from detrimental health implications from leaving these parasites to fester.

The regularity of grooming your dog is very much dependent on the breed. Long haired dogs will need more grooming than short-haired dogs. You can find some great doggy guides here to help you implement a tailored grooming regime with your beloved hound.


The importance of exercise for your dog cannot be stressed enough. By walking your dog twice per day, you are ensuring that they are happy and healthy. What is more, you are ultimately ensuring that they do not suffer from a multitude of diseases such as heart disease.