PLEASE SHARE: Buddy the Cat Needs Help to Save His Life

Reposted from: Katiez Furry Mewz -PLEASE HELPS SAVE THIS KITTIES LIFE!
Buddy needs Surgery

While working to help save the NBC TV series Believe, The Mom met a another kitty mom named Charlette.  Her adopted a kitty named Buddy and now hims leg is hurted. Buddy was lost or abandoned just like Me, Oreo!  Something is wrong with his leg. Here am Charlette:


Buddy’s swollen leg

“Buddy was a cat that had a home at one point and got lost or abandoned. We adopted him and him us.A few days ago I noticed a slight limp. Thought he just hurt his paw, but a day later there was swelling around the shoulder then around his elbow, and now the swelling is down to his wrist.  We called the vet and she said it would be 1,000 if it just needed splinted but 2,000 to 3,000 if he needs surgery. 


Please Help Save Buddy’s Life!!


My mom said if he stops eating and drinking and gets worse we’ll have to put him down… 

(His previous owners failed him.  I don’t want to fail him too…) “

Right now Charlette has a give forward account setup

The Mom will gets some direct info about the vet so folks can send greenies straight to Buddy’s account.  If you are wanting to help directly, please leave a comment and email our mom at laugh_safely@yahoo dot com.  

In the meantime, click dis link to helps  Give Forward

Please help this sweet kitty with purrs and funds asap… and please share on every media that you can helps…
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Katie Kat and Oreo.
6 years ago

Thanks Brian for sharing about Buddy! He got the funds he needed, got his surgery and even gotted nootered! He’s home now wearing the ‘cone of shame’ as his Mom calls it…

Purrz of Thanks from Buddy.